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Efficiamax™ Ten-35 fuel treatment is a combustion catalyst that gives your engine greater fuel efficiency. Efficiamax™ decreases combustible carbon residue by providing a more complete burn. More efficient combustion yields to more useful power per gallon of fuel.Efficiamax™ Ten-35 is the ONLY fuel treatment in the world that reduces soot and smoke and other harmful emissions a guaranteed 40%, and in many cases much higher. Efficiamax™ reduces the harmful emissions that damage the environment.Most diesel engines are electronically controlled and designed to produce lower harmful emissions and a higher horsepower per displacement ratio. Consequently, they require a higher quality fuel to achieve this. High quality fuel is not consistently available. In addition, fuel containing water and particulate contamination will damage the newer elcut-engineectronically controlled fuel components reducing the reliability and longevity of newer engines.


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