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Efficiamax™ NANO Metal Surface Modifier is an innovative metal treatment application. Nano-sized particles bond with ferrous metal surfaces, which minimizes engine and component friction. This unique patented formula has proven to extend the ability and longevity of oil in protecting engines and components, while increasing fuel efficiency.

Efficiamax™ NANO Metal Surface Modifier is not an oil additive. Its unique and patented molecular technology was developed to provide long lasting protection from wear and corrosion and provide superior lubrication and protection under high-friction and high-heat conditions within engines, gearboxes, and drivetrains. Treat your engine just once a year, and the unique chemical compound of Efficiamax™ NANO preforms structural modifications of the metal surfaces within your engine, enabling it to withstand extreme friction while maintaining flexibility. It is delivered to the metal surfaces of the engine by way of the oil.

NANO msm - 1g

$49.14 Regular Price
$46.68Sale Price
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